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CCS Convo Podcast

CCS Convo is a magazine style podcast centred on Electric Vehicles and related industries. The show is hosted by Nick Smith and produced by RPS Driven Media Ltd.

Available on all good podcast platforms, the show is open to all. You don’t have to be a member to listen, you don’t even have to be from Yorkshire, anyone is welcome as long as you come with an open mind about Zero Emissions motoring.

About the Host

The host of the podcast is Nick Smith, a driving instructor teaching in an electric vehicle, an evangelist for electric motoring and a time served motorsport journalist. Nick also runs podcasts on Sportscar racing in Britain and a Q&A podcast for motorists of all experience levels.

Prior to his current career Nick spent 6 years working as a new car salesman which has given him a firm understanding of the motor trade. It’s his journalism experience combined with his motor trade background which he unites in the chair of CCS convo.

About RPS Driven Media Ltd

RPS Driven Media Ltd is a multi-faceted company operating in driver training and media services. Founded by Nick Smith the company’s main focus is on training learner drivers to be safe road users but Nick has capitolised on his varied experience to expand the business into a number of sectors.

Formed of three key divisions, the company trades as RPS Driven School of Motoring, RPS Professional Driver and the Racing Photographic Service. RPS Professional Driver delivers Driver CPC courses for LGV and PCV drivers while the Racing Photographic Service offers photography, sound production, websites and social media services to businesses primarily in the Motorsport and Driver Training sectors.