Vauxhall Reveal Prices for Astra Wagon
New Twingo EV
e:Ny1 Finance Price Drop
New Renault Master Boasts 255mile Range
Christmas Gift Ideas
Other news

Vauxhall Announces Astra Wagon Pricing

  • New EV Estate starts at £39,995
  • Top of the range is £45,460
  • Price bump of £2,495 over hatchback
  • Only 68kg heavier than PHEV version.
  • Main rival, the MG5 EV price range £30,995 – £33,495
  • Peugeot based on the same platform is promised but no details are yet available.

Renault Twingo Returns and its Shocking and Cute

  • Twingo name returns for the first time since 2018 when the Mercedes/Smart & Renault joint venture ended.
  • Due in 2026
  • Value is the watchword with pricing expected around £17,000
  • Battery Lease looks to be returning as they also quote a monthly cost of £90.
  • Vauxhall have also announced a rival but no name. A sub-Corsa EV for less than £20,000 is due around the same time. Adam e is my name suggestion.

Honda Cut Finance Price of e:Ny1

  • Honda UK has put finance support behind the e:Ny1 to boost sales.
  • £8,000 finance deposit allowance is now available along with low rate 5.9% APR subject to status.
  • Brings the EV into price matching with the equivalent hybrid SUV the HR-V.
  • Also included now is 5 years warranty, servicing and roadside assistance.

New Renault Master Boasts 225 Mile Range

  • New Renault Master van announced. Claims to be all new but cosmetically is very much a facelift on the same van Renault has been building for 2 decades.
  • Fully electric option with 141bhp and 221lbs/ft motor matched to an 87kWh battery.
  • Steps up from 76bhp and 52kWh.
  • Renault claim 255 miles range. Take wth a big grain of salt.
  • Charging improved from 22kW AC only to 22kW AC and 130kW DC.
  • V2L and V2G available.
  • 1,625kg payload and 2,500 towing weight. (Note business users will need a tacho to tow.)
  • Available to order from Q2 2024 with deliveries starting later in the year.

Christmas Gift Ideas

  • For Louise – Peugeot e-2008 1:43 Model in Orange – €39.00 –
  • For Nick – Peugeot 9X8 1:43 Scale Model – Alas in season livery not Le Mans – €80.00 -×8-1-43-en.html
  • Porsche Models – Taycan available but the Porsche 911Dakar (992) with a Christmas Tree on the roof is just Cool AF – £70.00 –
  • Norev Reanult Megane E-Tech 1:43 Diecast – £20.06 –,of:1,eto:7660721810805394810_0,prmr:1,pid:7660721810805394810,cs:1&ved=0ahUKEwi45vnYloKDAxWdT0EAHf_4CKcQgjYIjgs
  • Porsche Taycan wooden car – £31.00 –
  • Novelty mug – Sorry I’m Late – £16.76 –
  • Novelty Keyring – Honda e – £35.00 –
  • Porsche Taycan T-Shirt – £42.00 –

Other news

  • DfT to spend £70m improving motorway charging. Consultation on now about how to spend it.
  • New Nissan Qashqai to match current pricing. Current model is only 2 years old so its going to be 4-6 years before we see it.

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